Succession/Estate Planning

Everyone talks about it, but few do it.

Considering how you’d like things to end up before you retire is particularly essential for any business – even yours! We think long-term, and we recommend you do the same. We know our clients want to build something for their family’s future.

It is important that individual and business requirements are discussed and carefully considered within each personalised plan. We understand that “letting go of the reigns” is very difficult for everyone, especially in family owned businesses that have been active for years.

Moggs Accounting + Advisory’s succession team can work with you to ensure security for your family, your business and yourself, whilst developing the optimum strategy for a successful succession process.

Our Services

  • Sale of business
  • Generational succession
  • Employee management buy out
  • Structured realisation of assets
  • Public listing

"I am looking for much more than doing a BAS or a tax return. That’s just the stuff that any firm could do. I want the security of knowing that I am getting good advice throughout the year."